New to blogging

I have been toying with the idea of starting a blog for some time. On my bike ride to and from work I would think about what I could write, what words of wisdom I could share with the world (or the few people who may actually read this), and then I would find myself discarding the idea of blogging, because I really have no words of wisdom to share (you have been warned!). But then I came across this other blog entry that encourages biologists searching for jobs to write at least 200 words a day and suggests blogging as a means to achieve that goal. I am actually currently employed, and soon will join the faculty at the University of Reading as a lecturer (so lucky me I am no longer worried about employment), but I do find the idea of writing creatively appealing. I write emails, scientific papers, occasionally lectures, recommendation letters, grant proposals, R scripts, and other “formal” documents on a daily basis, but these offer few opportunities to let my imagination flow, my wit surface, or to express my anger, happiness or frustration with science and life.

So, I am creating this blog: ramblings of an ecóloga (female ecologist in Spanish). Much like in “Awkward” (yes, I just referenced a teenagers’ TV show) I am going to use this site as an outlet. I would mostly write about science, particularly the type of science I do: ecology (the scientific analysis and study of interactions among organisms and their environment). I may do so from a female perspective, with a Spaniard point of view, but most often I would write as the human I am. One that has lived nearly 40 years (on second thought, this blog may also be an outlet for my self-diagnosed middle age crisis). One who having been born in Spain has called home different countries (UK, France, and the USA). One that is happily married, has an adorable dog, and no children.

Ultimately, I hope these ramblings may be useful to someone else besides me (Do I dare say inspiring?), I hope I would be able to write them with certain frequency, and most of all I hope to have fun “rambling away”.

Hasta la próxima!



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